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(ISSN: 2317-3963)

Application of Dependency Structure Matrix to Airspace Sectorization and Improving the Distribution of the Workload Among Controllers

Mahsa Farsad
Center for Precision Metrology, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA United States
Seyed Mohammad-Bagher Malaek
Department of Aerospace Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran Iran, Islamic Republic Of


This work investigates the application of Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) to problems with fast dynamics, such as airspace sectorization. The aim of this paper is to use a powerful mathematical tool to distinguish relevant agents in a busy airspace with a logical and meaningful distribution of the workload among air traffic controllers. This approach will help prevent controllers from getting exhausted in busy airspaces and increase the overall capacity of the airspace. It could also serve as a logical interface to simulate the chance of human error in a controlled aerodrome. Different case-studies by the authors reveal that adding real-time capabilities to the existing platform can be very effective with the re-architecting of neighboring sectors so that the domino effects of delays imposed on neighbors is decreased.

Keywords: Dependency Structure Matrix ,Dynamic Sectorization ,Workload ,Neighboring Sectors ,Clustering ,



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