Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)

Critical factors determining the success of Public-Private Partnership in construction projects: an Indian Context

C Vijayabanu
School of Management SASTRA University,Thanjavur - 613 401 - India.
T Vignesh
aM.Tech. Student, School of Civil Engineering, SASTRA University, Thanjavur-613401, Tamilnadu, India. India


The Construction Industry is an exemplary for the opulence of any country.Due to Increase in Demand, there arises the necessity of Private sector participation in Public Projects. PPP projects gaining momentum in this modern era. Certain projects face failures due to incongruous project precedence and lack of knowledge in understanding the Project success. Data were obtained through structured and self-administered surveys from stakeholders having ample experience in Projects. Mean , Factor Analysis, Correlation, Regression and ANOVA were applied to the analyze the data. Timely delivery of project without delay, Effective coordination among parties involved, Project completion within budget allocated, are the three critical factors determining the success of Public-Private Partnership in construction projects

Keywords: Public-Private Partnerships(PPP) ,Critical Success Factors(CSFs) ,Construction Projects ,Project Cognizance ,Project Enhancement ,Confirmatory Factor Analysis(CFA) ,



Project managementAgileconstructionSustainabilityproject successProjectProject SuccessDSMinnovationcase studyPMOBIMClusteringsuccessSMEDMMGovernanceLeanuncertaintyprojectcomplexityLeadershipPERTSuccessriskcriteriaschedule