Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)

Critical Analysis of The Goal in Relation to Human Resource Management

Brian Joseph Galli
Brian Joseph Galli Long Island University - Post United States


The book entitled The Goal by Goldratt and Cox is one of the best-selling business oriented books in the world. One of the aspects making the book interesting is how it utilizes a fictional case scenario of a production plant experiencing real business challenges concerning profitability. Specifically, the novel entails one of the manufacturing plants of Unico, which is headed by a main character named Alex. The reader is taken through some of the interventions the main character adopts to address challenges in production performance. This correspondent sought to analyze the book in the context of how human resource management contributed to addressing and overcoming the challenges that were experienced in the production plant. One aspect that assisted to address the production challenges included that of the theory of constraints.

Keywords: Theory of Constraints ,Human Resource Management ,Process ,Critical Chain ,Process Improvement ,Mapping ,Project Management ,Work Flow ,



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