Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)

Occupational Safety in a Construction Alliance Project: Findings from a Large-scale Finnish Light-rail Project

Marko Salomäki
University of Oulu, Finland MBA, Ph.D. Student, Industrial Engineering and Management
Arto Reiman
University of Oulu, Finland Industrial Engineering and Management, Adjunct Professor
Osmo Kauppila
University of Oulu, Finland Adjunct Professor, Industrial Engineering and Management
Jani Pihl
Kiwa Inspecta, Finland CEO Lis Group (Kiwa Inspecta Subsidiary)


Alliancing is a relatively new procurement method in large infrastructure and other construction projects. Occupational safety (OS) in alliances is an area towards which very little research interest has been directed thus far. This is surprising giving the common understanding of accidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses and the burden they represent for individuals, companies, and communities. This study focuses on OS inside the major Raide-Jokeri Light-Rail Alliance project in Finland. OS is approached through a survey directed at all the participants of the alliance, including subcontractors. A total of 360 responses were collected, representing roughly half of the personnel at that time. The survey shows how OS is experienced rather uniformly inside the alliance and amid the stakeholders; however, certain differences were also detected among the personnel, providing the possibility of focusing on development actions inside the alliance. The survey results can be interpreted as revealing certain signs of a mature safety culture inside the alliance project; yet, future studies with more sophisticated research approaches are needed.

Keywords: Alliancing, Construction, Project Alliance, Occupational Safety, Safety management, Safety culture.



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