Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)


Vimala Venugopal Muthuswamy
Business Administration Department, King Faisal University, Al hasa 31982, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Samah Mohammed Salem Bayome
Business Administration Department, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia


The primary purpose of this study is to establish a connection between leadership styles and ego states (OK state to non-OK state). Ego is essential to human action, and prior research suggests that humans frequently change between distinct “ego states” without realizing it. However, the ego is a conduit through which the human instinct can be accessed, and in the majority of circumstances we can also access the ego condition of our teammates and launch a process to manage it. This survey-based study aimed to establish a relationship between the personalities, styles, and outcomes of our sample’s leaders. Six hundred and eleven surveys were delivered to employees of private enterprises. They were separated into three categories: customer service executives, team leaders, and managers. The researchers have attempted to establish the survey instrument’s validity through expert evaluation and pilot tests. The current study’s response rate is much greater than the smallest sample size reported in previous studies. In total, there were 489 individuals, including 132 leaders and 357 followers. Statistical methods such as bivariate correlation and discriminant analysis were utilized in the investigations. Before uploading the TSI-M and MLQ to a server, a unique ID and password were assigned to each sample component. Their employee identification number was their login identifier and password. According to the conclusions and findings, it was hypothesized that transactional analysis training would boost organizational effectiveness. However, less empirical support exists for this. Future research may investigate how transactional analysis training influences the development of transformational leadership attributes in managers of various levels and genders.


Keywords: Ego states, Personality, Leadership, Leadership styles, Leadership outcomes, Transactional analysis ,



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