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Vol. 6 No. 2 (2018):

Knowledge Evolution and Scholarly Quantification of Collaborative Research in Project Management

Nazim Choudhury

The Influence of Project Resource Allocation on the Resource Capacity of the Business Processes

Mario Vanhoucke

A Real Options Analysis of Project Portfolios: Practitioners’ Assessment

Skander Ben Abdallah

Towards incorporating human factors in the software project cost control models – Preliminary study

Tarig A Khalid

Quantitative Risk Analysis in Megaprojects Schedules: a critical comparison between the theoretical findings and the empirical evidence from a brazilian oil and gas company

Jânio Plácido

Decision-Making Tools and Strategic Planning in Project Environments: The Overlap Of The Two Concepts

Brian Joseph Galli

ProdJecting the Future: New Product-Project Development: The Prod-Ject Management System

Ismail Albaidhani

From Order-Qualifier to Order-Winner? Servitization Value Chain and the real estate development projects

Saad Majed Zighan

Risk Management Practice in the Nigerian Petroleum Industry

Zakari Danlami Tsiga



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