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Vol. 7 No. 1 (2019):

Benchmarking Project Resilience

Khalil Rahi

Dimensions and requirements of collaborative planning in business transformation projects

Sedki Allaoui

Teams Research in Project Management and Organizational Behavior: Leveraging One Discipline to Propel Another

Andrew Carnes

Audience analysis as organizational change agent: A project management methodology approach

Emre Ozmen

The impact of project characteristics on the efficiency of activity overlapping in project scheduling

François Berthaut

A Step for Improving the Transition Between Traditional Project Management to Agile Project Management Using a Project Management Maturity Model.

Felipe Sanchez

A Fuzzy-based Decision-Support System for the Analysis of Suitability of Megaproject Delivery Methods

Moza Tahnoon Al Nahyan

Measuring the success of Lean and Agile projects: Are cost, time, scope and quality equally important?

Itai Lishner

Evaluating Stakeholder's Level of Involvement in Project Execution Phase

Kamal Jaafar

Promoting Project Team Coordination in Repetitive Projects

Lauri Vuorinen

Exploring the Context of Price Quotation on Design Projects

Maurício Moreira e Silva Bernardes

Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Projects: A Survey of Professionals

Tássia Farssura Lima da Silva



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