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Vol. 7 No. 2 (2019):

Reflection of Literature on Using Lean Innovation Models For Start-Up Ventures

Brian Joseph Galli

Using Patterns to Capture and Transfer Tacit Knowledge in Virtual Project Teams

Stefan Kögl

Milestone Planning: A Participatory and Visual Approach

Eduardo Miranda

Situational Incompetence: the failure of governance in the management of large scale IT projects

Darryl Carlton

Product Development Cost Management in Aerospace SMEs

Darli Rodrigues Vieira

The challenge of monitoring PPP projects: Proposal of a conceptual 5-dimension KPI’s model

Bruno Lima

Globalization, the New Economy and Project Management: a Graph Theory Perspective

Janice Jeffs

Governance terminology confusion in management and project management reference documents

Stephen Keith McGrath

Enablers and barriers to customer involvement in agile software projects in Norwegian software industry: The Supplier´s perspective

Lubna Siddique

The Practitioner’s Tapestry: Revealing the epistemological diversity to project management knowledge

Markus Krusi

A typology of meanings: Practitioners views of ‘program’

Stephen Keith McGrath

Managing tensions and paradoxes between stakeholders in a complex project context: Case study and model proposal

François Labelle



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