Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)

Uniformity in project-based working

Frank Stumpe
Group KBC EAP Group PMO Belgium


Several numbers are available to estimate the losses created by unsuccessful projects. Based on this economic numbers studies show that an uniform approach for project-based working increase the possibility of successful delivery. These studies are focusing on the execution of projects. As projects are not stand-alone and embedded in programs and portfolios there is also a link between uniformity in projects and uniformity in programs and portfolio.

This text discuss a model to describe the link between portfolio, program and project (the levels of project-based working) and identify three blocks of uniformity. The first block is the Way of thinking. focusing on defined ranking of priorities within the strategic level and aligned with this strategy followed by the second block Way of working. It is actually the process of how the manager navigates through the life circle of the project. Finally there is the Way of writing to be considered as support by templates and/or tools. The blocks of uniformity and the link between portfolio, program and project we created a DNA of uniformity.

With a survey and individual cases this DNA is proven. The results show the known positive impact of uniformity within the project itself but also shows the impact of the uniformity within the blocks as well as within the levels of project-based working on the success of projects.

Keywords: project management, project organization, portfolio management, case study, uniformity.



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