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JMPM Subscription Manager
Address: Rua Prof. Pedro Viriato Parigot de Souza, 1609/1701 Curitiba-PR Brazil Postal code: 81200-100 Email:

How to Buy:

There are 02 kind of subscriptions to JMPM journal. And download paper fee.
1 – Institutional Association: a annual fee subscription by domain or IP address category to user control access.
2 – User Subscription: for individual affiliation. Based on user login account.
PDF paper: Buy PDF file Paper. Available by online download. Price: US$ 30.00 each.
>> Go to archives on the top menu navegation and select a issue to browse a list of papers available to buy. (or click here)

How to Pay:

The payment method only by PayPal system.
PayPal enables users, whether or not they are PayPal members, to use all major credit cards.

Individual Subscriptions

Individual subscriptions require login to access subscription content.
User Online Subscription
Full online access only to all papers published.

Subscribe here.

Online 1 year 125.00 (USD)
User Subscription (Print + Online)

Fully access online and print issue (one hard-copy delivery per issue).

Subscribe here.

Print and Online 1 year 375.00 (USD)

Institutional Subscriptions

Institutional subscriptions do not require login. The user’s domain and/or IP address is used to provide access to subscription content.

Institutional Association (IP/Domain address) Online access only. Unlimited users. Institutional subscription is recommended to large Corporation, Educational Institution, Associations/Institutes. Subscribe here, Online 1 year 750.00 (USD)
Institutional Association (Print + IP/Domain address) A print and online access subscription. This association category receive two print copies journal (per issue) and have full online access (unlimited users) Recommended for libraries and corporations departments. Subscribe here. Print and Online 1 year 1000.00 (USD)



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