Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)

Integrating Traditional and Innovative Value-Focused Models in Project Management Teaching

Izack Cohen
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Israel


Modern project management approaches focus on maximizing the value realized from project; yet, many project management textbooks and courses do not incorporate this aspect in their curriculum. This paper reports on our experience in developing and teaching project management courses that integrate the element of maximizing project value in their syllabi.

The suggested teaching approach uses traditional and innovative models to teach students how strategic and tactical project decisions should be made. Students are introduced to models that support strategic decisions such as matching a project objective to a business case, deciding on a project configuration, and developing a project plan. They also learn about tactical decisions such as ones that are made during project's execution and control, which are also important for realizing all the project benefits. Thereafter, students use an innovative model that links strategic and tactical decisions, implemented in a simulation tool, to experience the various tradeoffs that affect project value. Based on teachers' and students' evaluations, we recommend using the suggested approach in project management education.

Keywords: Project Management ,Value Management ,Education ,



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