Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)

Sustainable Project Management: a whole program indeed!

Marc Burlereaux
Swiss Private Bank, PMI, Head of “Pôle des Pays de Savoie”, France-Sud Chapter France
Christine Rieu
Savoie Mont Blanc University France
Hélène Burlereaux
Marketing and Project Management student, HEC Montréal, Canada France


Our world is changing. Organizations evolve in a moving socio-political context so they must understand the impact and influence of this context on their own performance and competitiveness. However, organizations are also part of the global "system" and thus interact with their environment. These interactions require a real social and environmental responsibility. This responsibility leads companies to work in cooperation with stakeholders and society, interact with each other, or influence them in a common respect. Each manager or project manager has his job transformed and gets new responsibilities. He becomes a facilitator/coach or a program manager. He must then develop specific skills to support these changes. The key-skills that have been identified in both Agile methods and standardization work on Social Responsibility propose to recover the sense of cooperation, collective work and sharing. We speak about “Collective Intelligence” where Human is the heart of the process. Innovation and creativity are also necessary to assure success in change management. Would competition become collaboration?

Keywords: Program Management ,Agile ,Sustainability ,Human Corporate Social Responsibility ,



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