Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)

Bee Inspired Route Management Approach and Use of Internet of Things

Leong Kah Huo
Hamzah Abdul-Rahman
Chen Wang
Loo Siaw-Chuing


Railway system (RS) is becoming a necessity and one of the popular choices of transportation among people, especially for business practitioners that operating and people living in the urban cities. The urbanization and population increase due to rapid development of the economy in the major cities are leading to a bigger demand for urban rail transit. The RS network expansion is necessary to cope with the increasing demand. However, the complexity of identifying the optimum route tends to increase due to the expansion of the system in accommodating the increase in demand. Despite Railway Traveling Salesman Problem (RTSP) being a popular variant of routing problems, it appears that the universal formula or techniques to solve the identified problems are yet to be found. The problem is easily recognized but proven to be difficult and impractical to solve without using the right approach. This paper presents a novel route management approach that was inspired by the way bees forage and share experience in a colony to solve Railway System Travelling Salesman Problem. It also discusses the results obtained from a test conducted to evaluate RS users route planning efficiency and how Internet of Things (IoT) can enhance the quality of the output. The approach has been tested and verified by comparing the results with one hundred RTSP exact solutions generated by using Malaysia RS dataset.

Keywords: Route planning, bee algorithm, railway traveling salesman problem, optimization method, optimum route.



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