Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)

Target Value Design: A different way of approaching the constructive process in Spain:

Miguel-Angel Alvarez Perez
Miguel-Angel Alvarez Perez Polytechnic University of Madrid Spain
Eugenio Pellicer-Armiñana
Polytechnic University of Valencia Spain
Manuel-Jose Soler-Severino
Polytechnic University of Madrid Spain


The knowledge and deepening of the Lean Construction methodology, as well as its practical application in the construction industry in Spain, can produce great benefits and the general improvement of a process that continues to be anchored in anachronistic procedures for too long. It is necessary to divulge this methodology with greater intensity, so that once known, and with its positive effects in the matter of the Triple Constraint: Cost, time and quality, proven in other countries, will be applied in a generalized way in ours. We look at this article in a technique belonging to Lean Construction: Target Value Design. Like many other techniques Lean parts from its application in Toyota, in this case of Target Cost, and was used in the 70s by Taiichi Ohno with the name of Genka Kikaku, producing very good results for the Company in the matter of productivity and profitability. As with other Toyota Production System techniques, it was later incorporated to Lean Construction as Target Value Design to bring greater Value to the customer within a fixed Cost. We will see how the Target Cost can become the center of the project and the construction of the building to reach the values ​​required by the client.

Keywords: Target Value Design, Target Cost, Value Stream Mapping, Integrated Project Delivery, Lean Construction.



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