Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)

Interorganizational projects and competitiveness in industrial networks in the textile and clothing industry

João S Areias
Vasco Eiriz
University of Minho - School of Economics and Management Portugal


Purpose – This paper explores the role of interorganizational projects, embedded within the firm’s network of relationships, in the building of competitive advantage. Projects play a relevant role in terms of accomplishing strategic objectives and developing strategies and competitive advantage. Projects can be developed in an interorganizational context within industrial networks. However, due to the complexity of industrial networks, the relevance of interorganizational projects is difficult to evaluate. Design/methodology/approach – The research was developed using a case study approach. Four cases were selected, each representing an interorganizational project. The studied interorganizational projects from the Portuguese textile and clothing industry were analyzed within the framework of industrial networks, composed of actors, resources and activities. Findings – By analyzing four interorganizational projects, this paper explores the role of project networks as a source of competitive advantage by analyzing how the set of actors, resources and activities within each project evolve over time. Originality/value – The paper describes the main features of the studied project networks (temporary nature; aims; dynamics and complexity of relationships; informality and trust) and how these features are important for competitive advantage.

Keywords: Project networks, interorganizational, relationships, cooperative behavior, competitiveness, case study.



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