Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)

Agile Enhancement of Critical PMBoK v6 Processes

Philipp Rosenberer
University of Applied Science FH Campus Wien Austria
József Tick
Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary Hungary


This article examines PMBOK version six applicability in agile IT projects. Based on existing scientific research about troubling compatibility of PMBOK processes and agile frameworks, enhancements of five critical project processes are postulated. These process enhancements often focus on time-limited disruptions of agile actions and a separation of macro- and micro-management between agile developments and project management practices. To verify the effectiveness of such enhancement approaches, a quantitative survey explores the applicability and current state of usage. Results show that most proposed solutions are currently not widely used in IT project management although practitioners have evaluated them as useful. However, participants tend to increase the use when understanding more about the solutions. In combination with the discovered positive rating of the effectiveness of enhancement approaches, it can be summarized that the improvement approaches are a well-perceived step towards the enhancement of PMBOK processes in agile developed IT projects.

Keywords: PMBOK ,IT Project Management ,Agile ,Project Management Framework ,Tailoring ,SCRUM ,



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