Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)

The Relationship between Agile Practices and A Team’s Maturity

Albert Moyo
University of Johannesburg South Africa
Lucas Khoza
University of Johannesburg South Africa


The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between Agile practices and a team’s maturity. This is a quantitative study that was carried out specifically to software developing organizations. The questionnaire was made up of questions to determine the Agile practices and characteristics of a mature Agile team. The questionnaire also included questions from the Tuckman model for team maturity. The results show that the way Agile practices are used can influence the team’s performance and maturity level. Through the use of quantitative research, it was noted that there is a correlation between Agile practices and a team’s maturity. This research study opens the minds of Information Technology (IT) professionals on how to build their teams in order to increase their skill levels to enhance project success. This research study has concluded that less mature teams need to be trained well enough with regard to Agile practices from an early stage to help them transition to a level of maturity that allows these teams to be self-managing and efficient within an organization.

Keywords: Agile ,Team Maturity ,Tuckman Model ,Agile Practices ,Agile Teams ,



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