Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)

Rule based recommendation system to support crop lifecycle management

Paweena Suebsombut
Université Lumiere Lyon 2 and Chiang Mai University France
Aicha Sekhari
Université Lumière Lyon 2 France
Pradorn Sureephong
Chiangmai University Thailand
Abdelaziz Bouras
Qatar University Qatar


Crop lifecycle management is important for crop care and maintenance throughout its life. The existing recommendation and expert systems do not provide advice for the entire crop lifecycle. However, each stage of the crop's lifecycle necessitates a different set of recommendations. As a result, this paper proposed a recommendation system based on sensor data and rule-based extraction from expert people to provide crop management advice throughout its lifecycle. The proposed system's rules are built around IF-THEN situations. The proposed system will analyze the data by searching for relationships between input data and rule-based using a php script to define the best recommendation for farmers. This proposed system was put into action in a greenhouse dome in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Farmers were overwhelmingly pleased with it, giving it a 96% satisfaction rating.

Keywords: crop lifecycle, crop lifecycle management, recommendation system, expert system.



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