Modern Project Management

(ISSN: 2317-3963)


Kafa Hmmoud AL Nawaiseh
Al-Balqa Applied University
Hamzeh Alawamleh
Management information systems, Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan
Yousef A. Abu Hajar
Management information systems, Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan
Amal Fadel Ali Tommalieh
Department Business Administration, Al-Balqa Applied University
Mosa Qasim Hasan Al-Qaryouti
Department of Business Administration
Hadi Saleh Abdul Rahman Atiat
Khawarizmi University Technical college, Electronic business management


This study delves into an examination of the influence of empowering employees on their entrepreneurial attitudes within the domain of the banking sector. The investigation seeks to elucidate the correlation between employee empowerment and entrepreneurial mindset through a pragmatic approach applied to the context of the banking industry. Employing a statistical methodology, the study aimed to ascertain the degree and significance of the relationship between employee empowerment and inclination towards entrepreneurship. The findings reveal that creativity exerts a statistically significant and positive impact on entrepreneurial orientation (p=0.019, T=2.371). This underscores the proposition that fostering creativity among employees could contribute to an enhanced entrepreneurial orientation within the financial business realm. Conversely, the association between risk-taking and entrepreneurial orientation lacks significant weight (p=0.721, T=0.358), indicating that risk-taking might not wield substantial influence in determining entrepreneurial orientation within the financial sector’s milieu. Furthermore, the research demonstrates a robust affirmative connection between proactiveness and entrepreneurial orientation (p=0.044, T=2.038), underscoring the importance of cultivating proactive behaviours among employees to foster an entrepreneurial orientation within the financial industry. Moreover, the investigation unveils a highly significant and positive correlation between autonomy and entrepreneurial disposition (p=0.000, T=7.832), accentuating the pivotal role played by autonomy in promoting entrepreneurial conduct within the realm of financial enterprises. These findings hold potential utility for financial institutions aiming to instill an entrepreneurial mindset among their workforce. By cultivating attributes such as creativity, proactiveness, and autonomy, organizations can effectively foster an entrepreneurial mindset and stimulate innovation within the context of the financial sector. In its entirety, this study contributes to our comprehension of how employee empowerment fosters an entrepreneurial outlook within the banking industry. The outcomes shed light on the significance of specific empowerment factors and offer pragmatic insights for enterprises seeking to nurture entrepreneurial conduct and propel innovation within the financial domain.

Keywords: Empowering employees, Creativity, Risk-taking, Proactiveness, Independence.



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