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Vol. 3 No. 3 (2016):

Guest Editorial Letter

Udo Lindemann

An Overview of Project Data for Integrated Project Management and Control

Mario Vanhoucke

A Framework for Knowledge Management in Project Management Offices

Thang Le Dinh

The Motives for and Consequences of Underpricing for Construction Contractors—Evidence from Australia

Li Liu

Project Management for a Plant Implementation: Success or failure?

Eliane M.-F. Moreau

Critical Success Factors for Projects in the Space Sector.

Zakari Danlami Tsiga

Project Management Beyond Projects: an Outsider’s View on the Scope and the Foundations of the Discipline

Benoit Mario Papillon

Ontologies for Better Project Planning

Abdelaziz Bouras

Waste Measurement Project of an Aeronautic Assembly Line

Dalton Garcia Borges Souza

Implementation of a BIM Solution in a Small Construction Company

Soraya Mattos Pretti

What is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Maturity? Analysis of Current PLM Maturity Models

Hannu Karkkainen

3D Boundary Objects in Stakeholder Management: Knowledge Creators for the Project and Collaboration Facilitators

Valerie Lehmann

A Unified Theory of Design Structure Matrix and Axiomatic Design for Product Architecture

Tatsuya Tokunaga



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