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Vol. 1 No. 3 (2014):

Editorial Letter

Osmar Zózimo Souza Jr.

Knowledge management in project-based organizations: an investigation into mechanisms

Sabrina Loufrani-Fedida

Measuring and Managing Projects in Extended Enterprise: A value creation focus based on intangible assets

Michel Philippart

Introducing AgiLean to construction project management

Selim Tugra Demir

Concurrent engineering in Brazilian construction companies: Maturity assessment

Soraya Mattos Pretti

A Longitudinal Study of the Required Skills of Project Managers

Yang Fan

The evolution of control mechanisms

Dorra Skander

Case-study of a system-cybernetic project management in a more agile environment

Frank Stumpe

Critical success factors for innovation projects

Alberto Silva Aristeguieta

Managing healthcare projects: comparing an open and closed- loop technology implementation

Alejandro Romero

Blended Learning in Project Management An Overview of the Operations Research & Scheduling Group

Mario Vanhoucke

News from Academy

Tyson R. Browning



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