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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2014):

Editorial Letter

Osmar Zózimo De Souza Jr.

Software Project Management: Theory of Constraints, Risk Management, and Performance Evaluation

Antoine Asseman

Failures in software project management – are we alone? A comparison with construction industry

João Eduardo Varajão

A cognitive perspective of decision making in acquisition programs: insights from the high technology industry

Hani Sarkis

Innovation without design: dynamics of role making and the becoming of collective designer

Rebecca Pinheiro Croisel

Towards Agile Approach for Better User Satisfaction

Nizar Ismail Al Hawajreh

Factors related to r&d performance and technical collaboration in high technology projects

Hani Sarkis

Perceptions of Sustainability in Civil Construction Projects: Analysis of Brazilian Construction Sites

João Luiz Calmon N. da Gama

Project planning and control: early engagement of project stakeholders

Franco Caron

Teaching Integrated Project Management and Control: Enhancing student learning and engagement

Mario Vanhoucke

A PLM components monitoring framework for SMEs based on a PLM maturity model and FAHP methodology

Haiqing Zhang

News from Academy

Osmar Zózimo De Souza Jr.



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