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Vol. 3 No. 2 (2015):

Editorial Letter

Steven D. Eppinger

Clustering Technique for DSMs

Florian G. H. Behncke

A Spectral Analysis Software to Detect Modules in a DSM

Somwrita Sarkar

Discovering Hidden Tasks and Process Structure through Email Logs for DSM

Lijun Lan

Managing a complex project using a Risk-Risk Multiple Domain Matrix

Franck Marle

A Clustering Method Using New Modularity Indices and a Genetic Algorithm with Extended Chromosomes

Sangjin Jung

Applying DSM Methodology to Improve the Scheduling of Calibration Tasks in Functional Integration Projects in the Automotive Industry

Thomas Gaertner

Approach for recirculation of testing knowledge into product development supported by matrix-based methods

Carsten Karthaus

Modeling and Simulation of Service Systems with Design Structure and Domain Mapping Matrices

Andreas Petz

Estimation of Work Transformation Matrices for Large-Scale Concurrent Engineering Projects

Christopher M. Schlick

Investment Decisions in Modular Product Development

Ali A. Yassine

Application of Structural Domain-Spanning Criteria in an Industrial Case-Study

Wolfgang Bauer

Application of Dependency Structure Matrix to Airspace Sectorization and Improving the Distribution of the Workload Among Controllers

Mahsa Farsad

Structure-based Compilation of System Dynamics Models for Assessing Engineering Design Process Behavior

Daniel Kasperek

Multi-Domain Matrix As A Framework For Global Product Development Project Process

Sonia Kherbachi

Visualizing and Measuring Software Portfolio Architecture: A Power Utility Case

Robert Lagerström



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