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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2016):

Editorial Letter

Osmar Zózimo De Souza Jr.

Stability of Earned Value Management - Do project characteristics influence the stability moment of the cost and schedule performance index

Mario Vanhoucke

From the management of innovative projects to the innovative management of innovative projects: An analysis within the automotive industry

Danielle Attias

Attitudes to risk management in space projects

Zakari Danlami Tsiga

Grounded Theory Study of the Contracting Process in Agile Projects in Norway’s Software Industry

Lubna Siddique

Identifying the Criteria Used for Establishing Work Package Size for Project WBS

Shlomo Globerson

Project execution: A research agenda to explore the phenomenon

James Walter Marion

Responsible Project Management: beyond the triple constraints

Rocio Alvarez Tinoco

An Investigation into the Improvement of Tendering Processes and the Level of Competition for PFI Construction Projects

Lee Hayes

The Boundary between Good and Bad Multitasking in CCPM

Mahdi Ghaffari

Is 3D Printing Transforming the Project Management Function in the Aerospace Industry?

Darli Rodrigues Vieira

News from Academy

Geraldo Ferrer



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