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Vol. 6 No. 1 (2018):

Editorial Letter

Osmar Zózimo De Souza Jr

Experts’ Engagement in Risk Analysis: A Model Merging Analytic Hierarchy Process and Monte Carlo Simulation

Cintia Bardauil Baptistucci

What Makes an Alliance an Alliance – Experiences from Australian Infrastructure Projects

Brendan Young

Improving Risk Matrix Design Using Heatmaps and Accessible Colors

Martin Entacher

Creating a Climate for Project Success

Pedro Serrador

A systematic review of project management serious games: Identifying gaps, trends, and directions for future research

David Rumeser

Evolution of Project Management Research and Industry-focused Innovations

Alireza Abbasi

Focus on the most critical demands in IT project manager recruitment

Siw Lundqvist

Incidence in Licensing Management Activities in Building Project Life Cycle: A Strategic Matter of Knowledge

Adolfo García Ruiz-Espiga

Best Practices in Project Portfolio Management for Dynamic Decision Making

Vilas Janardan Kharat

IT Project Managers’ Team Role and Sense of Coherence – A pilot study in Sweden

Leif Marcusson

Deficiencies in and Alternatives to Heat Map Risk Matrices for Project Risk Prioritization

Jamie Peter Monat

A Comprehensive Assessment of Project Success Within Various Large Projects

Azadeh Rezvani



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