Editorial Note: Apology Regarding Plagiarism and Similarity

Editorial Note: Apology Regarding Plagiarism and Similarity


JMPM editorial team just retracted a published paper titled ‘Behavioral Decision-Making in Projects: Review and Theoretical Perspectives’ as it has been detected that the paper was unacceptably similar to a recent publication by other authors. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize to authors of the original paper - Verena Stingl and Joana Geraldi - recognizing the originality of their work entitled "Errors, lies and misunderstandings in projects: Systematic review on behavioural decision making in projects" published in the International Journal of Project Management, 35(2), p. 121-135.

This journal has a plagiarism policy, which includes a mandatory procedural checklist and terms of agreement when authors submit their work for review. Following this incident, we are also currently investigating the possibility to strengthen our processes using a specialized software for plagiarism detection.

We also encourage the authors to check their own manuscripts for inadvertent plagiarism (or overlap with their own prior work) using one of the following online tools:
Turnitin https://help.turnitin.com/originality/originality-check-home.htm
iThenticate- http://www.ithenticate.

On behalf editorial team,

Zózimo - Editor in Chief
JMPM - Journal of Modern Project Management


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