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ProdJecting the Future: New Product-Project Development: The Prod-Ject Management System

Ismail Albaidhani, Alejandro Romero-Torres, Brahim Meddeb


Several new theoretical models suggest integration between the creativity and implementation activities for a comprehensive innovation cycle and complete project phases. However, organizations need more guidance to improve the project/product success rate. Therefore, the empirical research discussed in this paper revealed that the two variables (idea creation & Project delivery) are actually linked and could be considered for possible integration. A new and more practical management system ProdJect was also unleashed that detailed how the two variables could be operated with detailed processes, systems, roles and organizational design. The ProdJect management system offers a detailed and comprehensive purpose-to-impact cycle, giving a new and unique evaluation model for the project and product development type that looks at effectiveness, relevance, and overall sustainability instead of focusing on limited aspects of work such as time, cost and scope.


Project; Product; Innovation

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