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Vol. 4 No. 3 (2017):

Editorial Letter

Osmar Zózimo De Souza Jr.

Effective Corrective Action: The initial/envelope model for managing projects

John Nevison

Earned Value and Cost Contingency Management: A Framework Model for Risk Adjusted Cost Forecasting

Timur Narbaev

Handling Risk and Uncertainty in Project Planning

Jan Emblemsvag

The Design Thinking Approach to Projects

Eva Dijksterhuis

Product Life Cycle Based Project Management Model

Haluk Altunel

The Sustainable Project Management Canvas

Ron Schipper

Enhancing Collaboration between Design and Simulation Departments by Methods of Complexity Management

Sebastian Schweigert

The dynamics of innovation drivers: client requirements and sustainable energy innovation uptake

Satu Reijonen

Scenario of Commodity Risk Management Practices used by Indian Construction Companies

Hiren Maniar

Cost estimation of software projects: a sub-additive approach

Masood Uzzafer

On uncertainty and sensitivity analyses in project duration based on dependency information

Edelmira Ahumada Galvez

Multi Criteria Decision Model for Mining Projects

Binay Kumar Samanta

Scope Patterns for Projects Modeled as Sociotechnical Systems

Bryan R. Moser



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