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Vol. 8 No. 1 (2020):

From Past to Present- the Development of Project Success Research

Sina Moradi

Towards successful establishment of a project portfolio management system: business process management approach

Mahmoud Ershadi

Measuring Sustainable Development Goal Targets on Infrastructure Projects

Paul Mansell

Project Management: A Natural Career Destination for Military Veterans

Tracey M. Richardson

Continuous Adjustments and the Reality Test in Managing Complex Projects

Leonard Anthonie van Gunsteren

Co-evolution of Project Stakeholder Networks

Ong Stephen

Influence of partnering on stakeholder’s behaviour in construction mega-projects

Martin Evans

How MCDM method minimizes the gap between portfolio planning and portfolio implementation


The Impact of Culture Diversification on Project Processes. Evidence from Dubai -UAE

Kamal Jaafar

Practitioner views on project management methodology (PMM) effectiveness

Stephen Keith McGrath

Identifying Project Opportunity Gaps Using a Descriptive Literature Review: 2010-2019

Valerie P Denney

Exploring the upside of risk in project management: A phenomenological inquiry

Valerie P Denney

Sustainability Impact Assessment on the project level; A review of available instruments

Gilbert Silvius



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