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Vol. 8 No. 2 (2020):

System Dynamic Modelling of Cost and Schedule Performance of Space Projects

Juan Carlos Guerrero

The Internet of Things (IoT) upheaval: overcoming management challenges

VS Prasher

Critical Success Factors in New Product Development Projects in a Weak Matrix Structure: An Aerospace Case Study

Romain Briard

Earned Value in a Project Manufacturing Environment - A Case Study Assessing the Effectiveness of EVM

Anisulrahman Nizam

Engage Customers in Co-Creation is Critical for Projects Success

Renato Lopes da Costa

Project Governance, An essay on the business policy approach as applied to the governance of megaprojects

Pedro B Água

Traditional, Agile and Lean Project Management - A Systematic Literature Review

André Cruz

Lean and Agile Project Management: an overview of the literature exploring complementarities

Paula de Oliveira Santos

Analyzing the Critical Factors Motivating Project Managers Amidst the Challenges of an Ever-Changing Modern Global Marketplace

Tom Henkel

Towards a hybrid project management framework: A systematic literature review on traditional, agile and hybrid techniques

Emmanouil Papadakis

Improving Ethical Decision Making through the Lens of Graduate Project Management Students

Valerie P Denney

On Stupidity in Project Management - A critical reflection of PM in a VUCA world

Mogens Frank Mikkelsen

Project management maturity levels and organizational revenue in New South Wales local government

Austin Morris



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