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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2021):

Service based framework of research projects in higher education institutions

Mariam Al Ali Al-Maadeed

Skills and Project Managers: Relationship between Personal Characteristics and Performance Indicators

Fernando Ribeiro Serra

Project Resource Optimization Considering Labor Productivity Factors

Kamal Jaafar

A Method to Create Hybrid Models Using a Morphological Matrix

Michael Jordan Bianchi

Whole Life Program Success, Leadership Competencies and Motivation for Learning – UK Defence Case

Selvi Kannan

Reinstitutionalization of Project Management Offices by Large-Scale Agile Frameworks

Maja Due Kadenic

Information technology governance practices and stakeholder management: A multinational organisational perspective

Augustine Mutakyahwa

Essential Skills for Data-driven Project Management: A classroom teaching experiment

Tom Servranckx

The Relationship between Agile Practices and A Team’s Maturity

Albert Moyo

Project Recovery: Project Failures and How to Get Rid of them

Mario Vanhoucke

Collaborative Project Identity Formation Process in Complex Projects

Emmanuel Nyameke

Agile Enhancement of Critical PMBoK v6 Processes

Philipp Rosenberer

Enabling the Project Owner Role for Benefits Realization Management: a case study of an IT project in a public organization

Alejandro Romero Torres

Exploring the Dyad Communication and Knowledge Management: A Study Investigating the Main Barriers in Complex Project Context

Jeniffer de Nadae



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