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Vol. 1 No. 2 (2013):

Editorial Letter

Steven D. Eppinger

Merging PDM, RSM and LSM - Scheduling Approaches into a Single Construction Project Scheduling System

Pierre Bonnal

Project Baseline Scheduling: An overview of past experiences

Mario Vanhoucke

The Impact of Planning on Project Success - A Literature Review

Pedro Serrador

Six Sigma Project: The Portfolio Management Perspective

Marly Monteiro de Carvalho

An Enhanced Planning and Scheduling Approach Suited to the Requirements of Collaborative Project Management

Mathieu Baudin

Impact of Applying Project Portfolio Management on Project Success

Hemanta Kumar Doloi

Towards an Iterative and Longitudinal Methodology for Analyzing Stakeholders within a Project Context

Julien Bousquet

Effectiveness of SLA Project with Spare Parts Management: The case of a telecom equipment industry

Lebhon Régis Guimarães

Supporting Decisions in SMEs Projects of Disruptive Technological Innovation by Balancing Values and Risks Related to Stakeholders

Gwenola Bertoluci

News from Academy

Darli Rodrigues Vieira

Bayesian Integration of Internal and External Views in Forecasting Project Performance

Franco Caron



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