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Vol. 9 No. 3 (2022):

Classification of portfolio and project managers: a performance orientation

Gustavo Grander

Which Experience Factors Predict Overall Expertise and Percent Success?

Timothy P Brandon

Decision-making in crisis during megaprojects

Rehab Iftikhar

Cloud computing architecture proposal for Resource-constrained project scheduling

Renato Penha

The Perceived Relationship Between Sustainability in Project Management and Project Success

Sara Keshavarzian

Control mechanisms towards project success

Nikos Macheridis

The Hexagon of Driving Forces for Improving Performance of Virtual Project Teams (VPTs) in Emerging Economies – the case of South Africa

Nyamagere Gladys Sospeter

Selection and Engagement of Professional Consulting Services: Decision-Making Processes used by Project Management Offices in South Australia

Anthony John Wood

How a project alliance influences project performance compared to traditional project practice – Findings from a case study in the Norwegian oil and gas industry

Kristina Nevstad

A Port Digital Twin Model for Operational Uncertainty Management

Siraprapa Wattanakul



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