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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2015):

Guest Editorial Letter

Mario Vanhoucke

The Impact of Complexity during Product Design

Xiaoqi Zhang

Developing a Maturity Model for Assessing Sustainable Project Management

Gilbert Silvius

Sustainable Project Management: a whole program indeed!

Marc Burlereaux

Discussions and Lessons Learned from three iterative and longitudinal studies aiming to optimize the identification and analysis process for stakeholders within a project context

Julien Bousquet

Exploring Collective Political Competence in Socially Complex Projects

Christophe Leyrie

Criteria Definition for the Selection of Strategic Design Projects in Product Development Companies

Henrique Benedetto

Analysing the Stages of Knowledge Management in a Brazilian Project Management Office

Jeniffer De Nadae

Project Management of Transfer from Space to the Earth: Supporting Open-Collaborative Projects in the Canadian Space Agency

Luz-Maria Jiménez-Narvaez

Organizational Agility, Project management and Healthcare Reorganization: A case study in organizational change

Louis Babineau

Apply a Project Core View to Promote Project Success

Siw Lundqvist

Aircraft Eco-assembly: a strategy to reduce the ecological footprint of aerospace industry

Alejandro Romero-Torres

News from Academy

Chivonne Algeo



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