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Vol. 5 No. 3 (2018):

Editorial Letter: Project Design Capabilities as Strategy

Osmar Zózimo De Souza Jr

Critical Analysis of The Goal in Relation to Human Resource Management

Brian Joseph Galli

SMEs’ dynamic learning capabilities in international public procurement

Haydeé Calderón

Critical factors determining the success of Public-Private Partnership in construction projects: an Indian Context

C Vijayabanu

QFD Methodology for Linking Project Success Factors to Outcomes in a Specific Business Case

Shuki Dror Oren Eliezer

Target Value Design: A different way of approaching the constructive process in Spain:

Miguel-Angel Alvarez Perez

When Project Meets Innovation: “PRO-INNOVA Conceptual Model”

Ismail Albaidhani

Project Management Serious Games and Simulation: A comparison of three learning methods

David Rumeser

Navigating to a Successful Enterprise-Wide PMO Creation

Eric Gartner

Causes of Delay and their Cures in Major Norwegian Projects

Youcef J-T. Zidane

A New Process for Success Management – Bringing order to a typically ad-hoc area

João Eduardo Varajão

Managing Co-Creation Projects: The Service-Oriented Perspective

Thang Le Dinh

Managing Product Introduction Projects in Operations: Key challenges in heavy-duty vehicle industry

Koteshwar Chirumalla



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