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Vol. 9 No. 2 (2021):

Project Duration Forecasting: A Simulation-Based Comparative Assessment of Earned Schedule Method and Earned Duration Management

Mahnaz Mamghaderi

Pereira Diamond - Benefits Realization Management

Leandro Ferreira Pereira

Relationship of project contextual settings and execution best practices with schedule growth on major construction projects

Tariq Hussain

Do actual risk management practices address temporary multi-organizations’ IT projects complexity?

Khalil Rahi

Spinning the IPD Wheels - Moving towards frictionless project delivery

Haavard Haaskjold

Megaproject Motives: An Altruism–Benefit–Common Good Model

P Mahalingam

Insights From the Field: Project Execution Success and Failure

Tracey M. Richardson

Start marketing your project; The relationships of Marketing BY the project with stakeholder engagement and project success

Jeffry Turfboer

Statistical Tools and Their Impact on Project Management – How They Relate

Brian Joseph Galli

The lived experience of managing the dynamics of project complexity

Mogens Frank Mikkelsen

An Information Systems Sub-framework for the Governance of Projects

Wikus Erasmus

Five propositions on how to combine threat and opportunity management in practice to further develop the project

Henrik Szentes

A Multi-Objective Optimization Approach for the Cost-Time-Quality Trade-off in Construction Projects

Kamal Jaafar

Sustainability, The Fourth Pillar of Project Portfolio Management – A Holistic Approach

Javed Afzal Mohammad

Modular Construction

Gert Noordzy

BIM and IoT Integration to Support Management Processes: an application for precast concrete systems

Caio Mendes Lima

Rule based recommendation system to support crop lifecycle management

Paweena Suebsombut



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